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The Kenner Business Association (KBA) was founded in 1985 by members of the Kenner, Louisiana community who were passionate about enriching the local community. KBA fosters leadership and advancement of the community vision. We strive to provide, encourage, and promote our member businesses.

Our mission is to provide a network exchange for professional and commercial enhancement as well as a multitude of opportunities for economic growth, along with the development of community services. Our outstanding members provide the opportunity for recognition by the public and your peers. Kenner Business Association members strive to improve our local business climate through advocating, facilitating, and providing information on behalf of the city.

Funds raised through KBA events are donated to charities in our area. Our mission is to enrich our community through funding projects that benefit the residents and businesses of Kenner. KBA members have the opportunity to suggest charities they believe will benefit from a KBA event donation.

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