Congratulations to Our Members of the Year!

Every year, KBA recognizes an exceptional member who we choose to highlight for all the hard work, dedication, and friendship they offer the Kenner Business Association throughout the course of the year. 

KBA postponed nominating a Member of the Year in 2020 so we could focus our efforts supporting our members during the pandemic. We will be back in full swing in 2021!





Marcel Lashover

KBA proudly recognizes Marcel Lashover as our 2019 Member of the Year. All honorees possess many of the same qualities, including:

  • Dependability

  • Willingness to Share knowledge

  • Leadership Skills

  • Effective Communication


When fellow board members and friends were asked to describe this year’s winner, some of the comments were:


  • Organized

  • Quirky

  • Follows Through

  • Gift of Gab

  • Team Player

  • Self-Made

  • Practices what he preaches and is passionate with a true love for and uncompromised dedication to serving those in need. 


Although each Member of the Year shares some of these traits, they each have their own story. In researching this year’s winner, I learned some things that touched my heart and provided an insight into his personality.

The 2019 honoree was born and raised in the Gentilly area and attended John F. Kennedy High School until he had to drop out to help support his mother and sister. His life was unexpectedly impacted when his father died when he was only three. His mother raised him and his sister on $300 a month. He left high school to help provide for his family and never received a high school diploma. However, as we know, his quest for knowledge never ended, and he is truly a self-made success story. 

Some of his early jobs were delivering the paper, driving Mardi Gras tractors at only 16, and doing concrete work. Marcel did whatever he could to help his mother, whom he cared for until she died at the age of 88. 

Making sure others have what they need is a thread that runs deep in Marcel. In addition to being a member and past president of KBA, he is president of the Dawn Busters Kiwanis and active in EJBA. As Dawn Busters president, he advocates for the reward for Reading Club, the Thanksgiving Turkey Fry, and he feeds the homeless through the Lantern for Light Ministry. He is a past KBA president, active board member, and volunteer for several committees. He aids local nonprofits by working the beer booth at Jazz Fest, Kenner’s Freedom Fest, Kenner’s Italian Heritage Fest, and any other event that needs him. 

His financial planning business keeps him busy, and he has earned many awards and designations in his field. 

He is a member of the Gates of Prayer Synagogue, where he worships his High Holy Days. He has one sister, Lee, who lives nearby, and he is close to his cousin Perry in Bossier City.

Marcel truly wears his heart on his sleeve, and is ready to share it with you if you need him. He is always just a phone call away. 

Please join me in honoring the 2019 Member of the Year, our friend Marcel Lashover.

Teresa Liuzza


Carolyn Barrett


Raiza Pitre