No Walk-Ins Available

We are currently not accepting any walk-ins for events. Please register for an event before-hand if you would like to attend.

Rules on consumption and purchase of alcohol

* We do not provide alcohol as part of the ticket pricing. The Kenner Business Association does not sell nor serve alcohol. If you would like to purchase alcohol you must do so with the Chateau Golf & Country Club staff / The Crossing staff, adhering to their rules and regulations.

Refund Policy:

In the event that you need a refund for your purchase of a ticket for the upcoming event you will be refunded your full amount in the form of a check. Please notify the Kenner Business Association 2 (weeks) / 14 days prior to the event if a cancellation is needed.

Social Distancing Policy:

Kenner Business Association will be adhering to all social distancing policies set forth by the state,  which include masks to be worn at all times until seated at the table.